Edward William John Hopley 
Miriamne Wife of King Herod-1868


Historical Fiction

​John William Waterhouse
Miriamne Leaving the Judgement Seat of Herod-1887

The Roman Empire, First Century B.C.​

Lawrence Alma-Tadema
 Antony and Cleopatra -1885
Giuseppe Fattori

Nothing is ever the same after the Parthians of Persia invade Judea, imprison the king, and sweep out the Romans. Herod saves Miriamne and her family from certain slaughter when he whisks them to safety on Masada, a remote desert outpost. He goes to King Aretas in Petra, Cleopatra in Alexandria, and Triumvir Mark Antony in Rome, in search of gold to oust the invaders and take Jerusalem. Antony agrees to help him, and crowns him the new King of Judea.  

Meanwhile, Miriamne struggles to survive the searing heat of Masada, and suffers from drought and hunger. Relations between Miriamne and Herod's vicious sister are tense. 

Herod steals power and becomes the King of Judea, deposing her family, who has long ruled the land. Miriamne wants, more than anything,  to put her brother on the throne and restore Maccabee rule.   

Miriamne’s world is shattered when Aris  is found  drowned. Herod is suspected of ordering his murder, though Miriamne initially refuses to believe he is guilty. However, when Antony and Cleopatra summon Herod to Egypt to face murder charges, Miriamne begins to doubt his professed innocence. She’s forced to reconsider her belief in love’s power to change character.          


Maccabee Princess Miriamne, granddaughter of the king, is forced into an arranged marriage with the brilliant and brutal Herod the Great.   

Jean Fouquet
The Taking of Jerusalem by Herod the Great-1470 

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Herod  besieges Jerusalem, conquers the Parthians, and takes Judea.  Miriamne and Herod marry. He loves her obsessively. She is attracted to his rugged good looks and brilliance, and over time, grows to admire and love him. She believes her love is changing Herod's character, and making him a better man.  


 It is 42 B.C. in Jerusalem....

  As Herod grows more obsessively in love with her, and more paranoid about her fidelity and threat to his rule, she fears for her safety. 

 Can Miriamne escape Herod before it is too late?